Turkish Earthquake Foundation is an important non-governmental organization in Turkey, collaborating with academic, governmental, and non-governmental institutions for the last 30 years to create and share strong know-how about earthquakes.

Mostly having strong academic backgrounds, members and the solution partners of the foundation share the common purpose of increasing awareness in the society about disasters through education, engineering, consultancy, and other proactive activities.

Since its establishment in 1993, Turkish Earthquake Foundation follows the strategy of redefining earthquake protection as a “Social Culture Structuring” and providing an educational platform that allows a sustainable infrastructure for a conscious society. Within this frame, the foundation provides engineering services; coordinates education programs focusing on public, schools, and hospitals; develops projects on mitigation of disasters;  organizes conferences, seminars, meetings, and activities.

Using all available channels to reach a wide range of people, the foundation has also many publications including a newspaper focusing on earthquake and scientific publications. 


email: tdv@turkiyedepremvakfi.org.tr

Tel : +90 530 569 42 62

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